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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Why I Would Not "Put the Queen in a Council House"

I'd just like to reassure my blog readers that I do not endorse any proposal to re-house the Queen in a council house. The main problem with any proposal to abolish the monarchy is the question of what to replace it with. An elected president is the obvious alternative, however such a role would be inevitably political and would lend the Head of State role, which carries a degree of assumed respect, to a political figure. Think of the kind of people who would stand; Tony Blair springs to mind.
Personally I enjoy the spectacle of the monarchy and anyone who knows me is aware of my Ricardian leanings (I belonged to the Richard III Society for a number of years). Therefore the Queen, Prince Philip and the corgis can stay where they are as far as I'm concerned.
I do hope our leader doesn't end up in the tower......

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