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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Now is the Time To Register To Vote

According to an article in The Independent around 800,000 young voters (aged 18-24) in the UK are missing from the electoral register. By not registering to vote you lose the only power you have over the politicians whose decisions affect you. While it is not just young voters who don't register, the 18-24 age group are the largest demographic chunk of both non-registered potential voters and registered non-voters. Which is precisely the reason why tuition fees get increased while people my age, who got our university education for free, will not have to contribute to university funding via a graduate tax. It is also why benefits for older people are protected while housing benefit for the under 25s gets slashed. If you give up on politics then the politicians will give up on you. Nothing will change and you will keep getting dumped upon.
You will have recently received, or are about to receive, a voter registration reminder envelope (see below).

 As it says, if your details are correct then you need do nothing. However if your name is not on the list then you need to fill in the back of the form and post it to:

Colchester Borough Council,
Electoral Services,
Rowan House,
33 Sheepen Road,

It has been estimated that if only 10% of unregistered young voters register and then vote Green we could win council seats in Colchester. Make a difference.

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