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Friday, 12 May 2017

My Personal Appeal To UKIP Voters in Colchester

UKIP have decided not to field a candidate in Colchester for the general election on June 8th. They have chosen to disenfranchise you by denying you the opportunity to vote for them again, as 5870 people chose to do in the 2015 election. By doing so they have let you down. This comes after they lost all of their county councillors in the recent local elections in Essex. They are a party in terminal decline.
I know that many people chose to vote UKIP because the other parties seem like an out of touch elite who talk from a script, don't do what they say they'll do and generally talk down their noses at people. But it doesn't have to be like this. As someone from a working class background who has only been doing this for four years I know that career politicians are often out of touch and live in their own world. I won't let that happen to me. In Colchester I am the only anti-establishment candidate standing. The Conservatives want to slash £12 billion from our public services and to privatise the NHS bit by bit. Labour in Colchester represent the Tony Blair faction of the party that have caused so much damage to our country.

Lend me your vote this time and I will get things done. 

My priorities include:

- Getting more investment into our hospital and NHS
- Campaigning for a guarantee of a home by law for all ex-service personnel and under 21s
- Creating over 2 million jobs nationally in renewable energy
- Campaigning loudly against the overdevelopment of our town and the huge new towns planned for us.
- Campaigning for a huge investment in social care for older people
- Putting small businesses before the large corporations. Less tax for the small businesses, more for the corporations.
- Investing in equipment for our armed forces so they are not sent into conflicts ill-equipped
- More police and zero tolerance of drug dealers coming to Colchester from London

If you like the sound of this then please lend me your vote on June 8th and let's get things done.

Mark Goacher

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