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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Only the Greens Will Defend Colchester Library

Only Colchester Green Party will defend Colchester Library from further downgrading. At the Pensioners' Action Group Hustings yesterday, the representatives of ALL the other parties defended moving council services into the library and changing its purpose. Indeed they are all threatening to move even more public services into there using the ridiculous "Community Hub" piece of flim flam. Which means that Colchester library could end up with a small stock of populist fiction of the Catherine Cookson/Jackie Collins ilk and little else.
I care passionately about libraries because, as a teacher of History for 26 years, I know that it is only by reading developed arguments, extended explanations and different interpretations in books that students can learn the skills necessary to write extended prose themselves. You simply cannot learn as effectively by reading bite-sized chunks of information.

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