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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

A Use for Jumbo: Have Your Say!

Colchester Green Party are keen to hear your views as to what should happen to Colchester's iconic Jumbo water tower, currently languishing in a semi-neglected state. You can vote in the poll on top right of leave a message with your suggestion. Possible options include:

1) A restaurant/cafĂ©, which could offer panoramic views of Colchester, based of the principle of the Fehnsehturm in Berlin.

2) Penthouse apartments, utilising the space for housing.

3) A Civil War Exhibition. Jumbo becoming the location of the new English Civil War/Siege of Colchester museum which the Green Party are proposing, along with Charles I memorial.

4) Shops. Offering retailers an exciting opportunity to attract customers to a unique shopping experience.

5) An Eco-Tower. Allowed to return to nature as a site for nesting birds.


  1. A camera obscura.
    Edinburgh has had theirs around 10@ years and it still makes money.

  2. There have been plenty of proposal made over the last 30 years but this backward Planning committee at the council has rejected every single application, just to let it fall into disrepair. They clearly have their own agenda it's time they owned up what it is.