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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Nuclear Insanity

The Conservatives want to spend £100 billion replacing Trident, the UK's nuclear weapons system. Despite their attacks on Ed Miliband over the issue, Labour (and the Lib Dems) want to do the same. Its odd isn't it. We have no more money for our schools and colleges. No money to expand our healthcare provision. Absolutely no money for the poor. Yet we can suddenly, as if by magic, put our hands on £100 billion to renew a pointless weapons system that could never be used. It could never be used because, as members of NATO (which the three main parties want to keep us in) we could never use Trident without US permission. The US have enough nukes to obliterate the world several times over and would not need the support of us in such a situation. Therefore Trident is pointless. It is like piling up £100 billion in notes in Castle Park and having a huge bonfire while charging Joe Public an entrance fee to watch.


We could employ 120,000 new nurses and build 30 new hospitals. 

We could scrap student tuition fees for 30 years saving students from £27,000 of debt.

We could employ 100,000 more teachers.

We could fully fund all A&E services in hospitals for 40 years.

We could quadruple our annual investment in renewable energy.

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