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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Colchester Green Party's Local Manifesto : Where We Stand

1) Housing and Planning

We will seek to retain the town’s historic character, preserve greenbelt areas and end urban sprawl. Housing should be affordable and built on brownfield, not greenfield sites, with fewer huge developments. Retail developments should include nearby housing. We would cap rents and abolish the ‘bedroom tax’.

2) Health and Wellbeing

Centralised funding should be diverted to community health centres offering self-help solutions for preventing illness and promoting health. The health benefits of natural environments are well documented. We would thus ensure that all children and young people have access to outdoor play and learning.

3) Transport

The new bus station must be expanded. We oppose rail fare price hikes that disadvantage commuters. We support 20mph default speed limits and programmes to encourage car sharing, walking and cycling.

4) Community Safety

Our approach to crime reduction focuses on the social causes of crime. We oppose the proliferation of nightclubs in the St Botolph's area of town, and propose revoking the licences of any venues linked to incidents of violent crime.

5) Energy

All Council-owned facilities would be audited and given energy reduction targets. We would generate locally sourced, affordable renewable energy to tackle fuel poverty. Solar arrays in suitable locations can be combined with ‘green gas’ produced from food waste. We would make it easier for residents across town to obtain replacement green bins and garden waste bags.

6) Business

We favour socially responsible companies that respect the environment and pay a living wage to their employees.

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